Dungeonfalls ins my entry for Ludum Dare 53 (Theme: Delivery).

In Dungeonfalls a mage has to deliver health potions to the heros fighting in the dungeon. But he cannot reach them without your help. You have to strategically place dungeon tiles like walls and ladders, so that the mage cange reach the knights and deliver his potions.

How to play:

The dungeon tiles fall down from the top in pairs. You can rotate them and stop them in every position.

[left/right], [a/d]: Move the tiles left or right.
[down], [s]: Drop the tiles faster.
[up], [w]: Rotate the tile pair.
[jump/fire], [space]: Anchor the tile in it's current position.

If the mage has to deliver more than one potions, he has to go back to his potion rack, to pick up the next potion.
The level is finished, when every hero got his health potion.
The level is lost, if the mage dies or if there cannot fall new tiles into the dungeon area.

The game was completely created from scratch and all assets where created by myself during the 72h of the Ludum Dare 53 jam.
Game engine: Unity
Sprites: Aseprite
Music: LMMS
SFX: LMMS, SFXR and Audacity

(No AI was involved by creating this game.)


Dungeonfalls_1_0_WIN.zip 29 MB

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