In Captain Goldstar you'll fight with your spaceship against enemy ships. To shoot them down, you'll have to use speed and precision, otherwise your shots will miss!

Master 6 levels each of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Improve your calculation skills and fight stronger and stronger enemy ships.

Take up the challenge!


  • Enter numbers - Keybord (Keypad or Alpha Numbers) or Screen-Keyboard
  • Fire - Space / Enter or Button or Screen-Keyboard
  • Start / Continue - Space / Enter

Difficulty Level:

  • By destroying more and more enemies, the difficulty level will increase.
  • After mastering 3 levels of one calculation type, the next one will be unlocked.
  • Addition unlocks sutraction, subtraction unlocks multiplication and multiplication unlocks division.
  • Your progress is displayed in the menu screen.


Download 17 MB

Install instructions

Simply unpack the .zip-file and run CaptainGoldstar.exe

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